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 My storie: The Rise of the Dragons

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PostSubject: My storie: The Rise of the Dragons   Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:47 pm

The Rise Of The Dragons

Chapter 1
Midevil Times
"7th grade period 1 teachers please report to the auditorium." The intercom stated. I'm in 7th grade and todays the grade trip to MidEvil Times. I was so excited i swear i could roll on the floor and yell. Later we went on our buses and my friend Marie was about 4 seats behind me. I texted Marie "hi". He cousin Frank was sitting right next to and was nosey.
"Awww james is texting Marie" Frank teased. I just stood there because the dean of my school was in the seat next to me.
I got a text back saying "hi and leah said hi too" I smiled and tryed to look off the side of the seat and see what crazy face Marie would make, she was talking to the girl next to her leah. I texted back "tell her i said hi, wucha doin?" I forgot to charge my phone the night before, so it died. Eventually we made it to MidEvil Times and it was raining. As we went in they were giving out fake dragon eggs with different designs never the same. Little did we know there was something about a few of these eggs. I went to the gift shop got a wooden axe and sheild ,a jesters hat and a flag.
Now it was time for the show. The anouncer came in on a horse " Welcome fair princes and princesses to MidEvil Times!" He shouted.
I put all my stuff i bought on the floor near my feet. I was sitting next to my friend Craig, We were shouting as loud as we could. I put my egg on my lap cause i didnt want it to break if i acedently kicked it. I looked down at my egg to examine its design.It was green with two white stripes on its sides and one on the bottom and a circle on top. I look towards my friend Craig, he was waving his flag around like a idoit. I yelled "CRAIG!"The roar of the crowd was loud.
He looked towrds me and he shouted back "WHAT?!"
He noded his head bent down to get his egg. He picked it up and it was red with two pink/purple stripes and a purple X. I gave him a thumbs up with a sarcastic look. He smacked me in the back of the head and i laughed. Ya i know im weird like that. We watched the gladiators fight against each other. I felt my egg move but i thought it was my leg. I looked behind me to see if Marie or my friend Nino was in my sight. I saw Nino he had his egg on his table.It was orange with a brown upside down T and a circle. Now the gladiators were at the near finale. The son of the king is facing off against a green suited warrior. There were a clach of sparks. It had me jumping ready to jump in there myself. My friend Craig was cheering like a baboon. I was still looking back to try and find Marie. Nothing, i couldnt see her at all. Each class is seated in a different color section. But i cheered also but made some weird animal sounds. Yes i can do that. Cant say im not fun at partys. but a part of the egg chipped.
" Oh no my egg broke." I stated. Sighed and eventually the battle ended. the price of course won and we exited. I had to stay in the same seat i did from the beggining. Still i was looking at Marie she was pointing to her phone. I pointed to my phone. And titled my head stuck out my tounge to act like im dead. I think she got the message.

Chapter 2
The Dream
Later on i went home and showed my parents all the stuff i bought. They said that with a little glue we can fix the egg. so later i went on my computor checked e-mails and such. I looked at the clock. it was 10:00
. so i turned off my computor and shut off my light. I looked at my egg on my night stand. I set my alarm and layed in bed. I also got my ipod cause it helps me fall asleep. I saw a light at the corner of my egg. It was the egg.the cracks showed lights. And inside the egg a shadow appeared,it looks like a baby. I looked at it with amazment and looked down at my ipod. I skimed through some songs to fit this momment. I put on Dreams of absolution(remix) by lee brotherton. A bright ranbow of colors shined out at me. It was pitch black.....until i opened my eyes. Then there was a bunch of colors. A voice echoed in this........there is no name for this.
"James........" The voice faded out.
" Ahhh. Is this god?!" I responded.
"No i am one of seven almighty gods of the elments." The voice stated.
"....ok" I paused." Now can you please translate this into words i can understand?"
This god looked very stern. "Tell me whats you grade in english" This time he had a smirk.
I responded "76. But forget that where am I!"I look around and see nothing but colors.
He looked around "well if you must know, your in your dream"
"HOW AM I IN A DREAM??????" I shouted
The god was silent. He looked at me and raised his hand. Fire began to form around it. Then it grew bigger, and bigger. Then it hit me. There was no heat, no burns or nothing. I was left in a blocking pose. I looked in front of me and saw a empty cave. Then i heard roars, and waterfalls. Then a blast of flames fleww in front of me and out came the god. "When you enter this cave you'll realize my true form. Do you still wish to enter?"
I nodded and continued to walk foward along side the god. A bright light flashed and blinded me for about 5 seconds. He was on all fours. There was a red light all around him. Then this light broke like glass, shattering but it dissignigrated. He was, A dragon? For a minute i wished there was a bathroom in this cave. But i got over it and moved along. There was a light up ahead. The roars we louder and i also herd the water fall like as if it was in my face.I walked through the water fall was there, but I wasn't wet. " Exuce me..ummm.. name please"
"Just call me Pyro"he said. But he wasnt moving his mouth.
"Woah howd you do that!"
"its called telokenisis"Pyro repsonded meanly." And this is your dream. If you didnt want to get wet you dont."
"Whats this place?" I asked.
" This is AlDragona the land of the dragons"
There were Dragons everywhere. Screeching, roaring, and differently colored designed eggs everywhere. Then I saw it. In a bush i saw a green egg. With white arrows on the sides and bottom, and a circle in the middle.

Chapter 3
The shocking relative

There were voices in the cave now. I looked back there were two small boys. "come on chris" A black haired kid shouted. "its in here."
"Antonio im telling you there are no such things as-" The boy with brown hair named chris stopped. And looked in amazment. Dragons, real DRAGONS. Antonio went to the bush where i was standing. My mind woundered into what time we could be in?, when am i gonna stop dreaming?, what will i have for breakfast when this is all over? Then it hit me. And by it i mean antonio. He walked through me, I felt so violated. He opened the bush and got my egg.
"See chris This is my egg that i found when i first got here.
I looked at pyro. "WOAH WOAH WOAH. back it up here. Who are these people, first and last name would be nice." I looked up and he had a smirk.
" Your dumber then i thought. Ok the blacked haired one is named-" He paused "Wait whats your last name?"
"Astuto, why?" I replied
His smirk turned into a bigger smirk, almost a smile. " Then say hello to your great great great great grandpa."
" WA- wait which?"
Antionio got up with the egg, started shining it, and showed chris again. " And i can't wait till it hatches." He looked at chris. " Now do you belive me?"
Chris looked in amazment. " I want one!" He looked around to see if he could find one. But no luck.
So they both went out into the forest to look for an egg. Then there was a loud beeping noise. BEEP BEEP BEEP. I woke up it was six o clock. I got dressed and such had breakfast. But all i could think about was that egg. Then i remembered the little baby in the egg. I was wandering in my mind. "But it was a dream" i thought." it cant be real....can it?". I stumbed on in my mind for about another five minutes until i looked at the clock. "7:00!" I ran out of the house to the bus stop. The bus just came as i got there. its across the street so it wasnt long. Later on in school my friend Mike ran up to me.
" JAMES" he sounded as if he was out of breath." i need to ask you something!" He finally was breathing normally. " Do you have a ancester named antonio?"
My eyes opened wide. I replyed with " Maybe, why?"
" Because....uh"mike got quiet." i saw, your ancestor, antonio." He swallowed. "with my ancestor"
"really then whats your ancestors name?" i said quickly
"Chris. He had brown hair about 5" 3' "
My eyes were about ready to pop out of my head. " wait......was something weird with your egg?"
Mike was silent. He was thinking hard. "no i just felt a pinch from the back of my head." He rubbed the back of his head." now theres nothing, no scar nothing"
"where was your egg?"
"on the table in back o-"he stopped. He put his palm to his face. " god im stupid"
We both saw acouple of techers walking in the hall talking. " Wow i love the artwork they put on these eggs."
"yeah i heard their design are never the same"
" hey i had a weird dream last night..about two boys and a king. Named king Herman" This was my assistant priciple Mr Herman. Some say he's the earths devil. Others, say hes a nice guy if you get to know him. I don't believe that one bit.
"Yeah Mark keep dreaming." My math teach mrs Gregorio said.

Chapter 4
The Rush

I went upthe stairs and was even more parranoid then before. I was woundering off in my mind in my classes more and mre each period. Then i found my self drawing a dragon, pyro. Then it was 2:50. "Ten more minutes!" I thought. Then there was a work sheet that took me bout, 6 minutes. Then I asked to go to the bathroom. Finally i went on the bus, put on my ipod. and waited to get home. I saw my egg and checked it out from all sides. For some reason i sniffed it, ya i know it's weird. Then i felt it kick.
One year later.................
A year has pasted. And there have been more strange things with my dreams. Now i remember those dreams.
I had been in the asortment of colors again. " PYRO!, YOU HAVE EXPLAINING TO DO!" Then red particles were gethering into a whole being.
" What there was an important meeting with the other gods." He stated rudley.
" Cut the crud pyro. Tell me whats up witha king named Herman!" I shouted.
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PostSubject: Re: My storie: The Rise of the Dragons   Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:55 pm

Cool, wow, amazing. I present to you a present. I complementry avatar!!!
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PostSubject: Re: My storie: The Rise of the Dragons   Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:02 pm many colors*gets seizzure*
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PostSubject: Re: My storie: The Rise of the Dragons   Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:46 am

Wow good story Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: My storie: The Rise of the Dragons   

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My storie: The Rise of the Dragons
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